Counseling and Psychological Testing

“Our prime purpose is to help others” Dalai Lama¬†

At Sanctuary, we use a Multi-Disciplinary Team Assessment and Treatment Model. Psychologists trained to assess complex situations and identify problems and appropriate treatments work alongside social workers and counselors trained in various treatment modalities and processes to improve situations and reduce distress.

In order to dramatically expedite the healing process, the professionals at Sanctuary work as a team. With you, the client, as the primary director (you are the boss) of the treatment team, we begin psychological testing. This testing allows for an in-depth understanding of you, including any mental health diagnoses needed for treatment. We begin the process of treatment/counseling along with testing. This is a period of time that you and your therapist will get to know one another, and he/she will become familiar with your individual concerns. During this period, clients often see an improvement in their symptoms. As the assessment/testing is concluded, that information is smoothly incorporated into treatment to clarify, direct, and pinpoint the areas where treatment can most effectively be directed. While this testing/counseling approach is helpful for most, you may decide to only do one or the other. At your first appointment, we will make specific recommendations for your treatment, but you are ultimately the boss, and we will provide the services you want. We provide services to the Pocatello, Chubbuck, and greater Southeast Idaho region.